About Me.


Hi my name is Jenna Deutsch (Deutsch like German, not the other thing..) and I am starting a blog. Yes, another blog. Another style, fashion, and hopefully some travel blog, to be exact. I know what you are thinking… does the world really need another fashion blog? Well no probably not. But here I am to chat and write all about myself (very narcissistic of myself I know) and to share my life with the world.

I am a twenty something living in St. Louis. Recently married and “domesticated” (or trying to be) with my husband and goldendoodle in the Webster Groves neighborhood. I am a material handling marketing manager by day and a travel, style, and champagne lover by night.

So, here I am blogging to live out my passion and maybe (just maybe) make my dream a reality. I would love to connect with you. Please leave comments, thoughts or post suggestions and follow me on Instagram for more fashion, travel, and posts about drinking lots of champagne (because its one of my favorite things). #champagneandpolkadots



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