40 Week Bump Date

champagne and polka dots - 40 week bump date

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We are at the finish line- I can almost see it!!! But… still here and still pregnant. I have been at the doctor every week this past month and really have had no progression since my 26 week appointment. Still around 1 cm dilated and 80% effaced. Each appointment, she tells me my cervix is softer which is great, but then nada. No baby.


I have been trying EVERY natural induction method under the sun. For example… bouncing on a exercise ball, drinking raspberry tea leaf, taking long walks, lots of stair climbing, spicy foods, ate an entire pineapple, using essential oils, primrose oil and then some others not worth posting online. ha! So if anyone has any other ideas, give a girl some help and leave a comment. Now, on to the bump date.



How Far Along? 40 Weeks today!

Size of Baby: A watermelon! or about 19-22 inches and 7 pound according to the measurements from my baby apps! However, I did just have an ultrasound yesterday and the tech was saying the baby is measuring about 8 pounds! But, with the ultrasound measurements… they do say it’s just an estimate and the weight is give or take a pound. They also completed measurements and he is till at the 52 percentile. yah!

Gender: Boy!

Weight Gain: Still at 30 pounds and my weight still goes up and down drastically throughout the day! I am ready for no swelling and normalcy in this department.

Maternity Clothes: All maternity clothes except for my casual shorts and sweatpants. I am so happy to welcome shorts weather!

Symptoms: Still having Braxton Hicks contractions but they have died down a bit compared to last week. I thought for sure he was going to come last Friday. I started timing contractions at home because they were so frequent, but they were completely random and faded. I’ve also had some random sharp pains in my pelvis- Doctor said this was completely normal and nothing to worry about. Other than that, his kicks are so much stronger and a few have been painful in the ribs. Other than that, I have felt great over the weekend and the past few days. Thank goodness, otherwise I would be begging for an induction!

Cravings: Nothing crazy or in particular. Knowing that I am at the end of my pregnancy and will want to be watching what I am eating coming pretty soon here… I may have indulged in Andy’s ice cream “snowmonster” concrete more than once this past week. If you’re in Missouri and have an Andy’s, go get a snowmonster NOW! 🙂

Aversions: None. Nothing’s really bothering me right now. Back to chicken!

Best Moments: We’ve had another great week just talking about this lil man. The best moment has to be Mother’s Day though. Paul spoiled me with three bouquets of flowers throughout our home and made homemade waffles in the morning. So sweet!

Looking Forward To: The day this lil guy decides he wants to come out! But based off of last ultrasound, he seemed pretty happy and content in there.


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