We’re having a Baby!

champagne and polka dots - pregnancy champagne and polka dots - pregnancy

Cowl neck sweater (super soft and can be worn with leggings! wearing size small)

similar black suede booties (this pair is on my xmas list)

Bourbon & boweties bracelet (great xmas gift!, size small) // Nordstrom faux leather leggings (super comfy, wearing medium)

Secret’s out! Paul and I are having a baby and it’s a BOY! We are beyond ecstatic and I really have to pinch myself because I feel so happy and fortunate to be blessed with this little baby. I swear the moment Paul and I decided to try… we got pregnant. Which I know is unfortunately not the case for many couples, and we are both feeling incredibly lucky that our journey was easy.


Our due date is May 16th and I am currently in the second trimester. So far, this pregnancy has been a breeze and I have been loving it. It’s hard to remember all the time that I am pregnant because right now, I have really no symptoms compared to the first trimester. And even the first trimester wasn’t that bad because I had no morning sickness. The first trimester I felt like I was melting because I was so tired all day long. And not a regular kind of tired… I felt like I could fall asleep at any second and that I had a bag of bricks weighing me down. I would get 10 hours of sleep every night and that wasn’t even helping! Right when I hit the 14 weeks and second trimester though, my energy picked back up and I have been feeling great.


When we got back from our trip to New Zealand, Paul told me to take a pregnancy test. We had only been thinking about baby for a couple weeks so I was sure a positive test was not in my future. Sure enough though there was an extra line in the test, and even though it was very faint… it was definitely there! I took three more tests that night, two more in the morning and a couple more the next evening. I know, we went a little crazy! Every time though, that extra line got darker and darker, confirming our pregnancy. What people don’t tell you, is that if you get a positive pregnancy test… your doctor typically won’t see you until you are 8 weeks! Which felt like forever since we found out at the 2 1/2 week mark.


I have gone back and forth about what’s next for me and if I want to continue blogging. Right now I am still figuring it out and have come to the conclusion that I really do not want my blogging to be a stressor for me, but I really enjoy the process and sharing this part of my life.  I have had so many of my girlfriends tell me they are excited to see how I style for maternity, and I gotta tell you… I am super excited to dress my bump! You can look forward to regular style content because I plan on using the majority of my current wardrobe and then adding occasional maternity pieces or just oversized sweaters or tops when necessary. I am so happy to be pregnant during the winter and spring months! I know get away with oversized cardigans and tops for quite a while.


I know personally I love to read about other women’s pregnancies, especially since I am now pregnant myself. One of my favorite posts is Bump Dates. So I have included mine below. What you can expect in the future is continued fashion posts with just a small side of baby. I have been searching for other new mom and pregnant bloggers and the pool is very small! Like I said, I hope to keep my clothes mostly away from maternity and just oversized or flattering with on a belly.  Hope you enjoy and thank you all for the support and love!


How Far Along? 1 day from 17 weeks

Size of Baby: An avocado or 4 – 5 inches. Tomorrow he is the size of a pear!

Gender: It’s a boy! Which was a complete surprise because Paul & I were both thinking girl. Paul comes from a family of four, with three sisters ahead of him, so the likelyhood of him having a girl was a bit increased! Also, I had really only been thinking about dressing a girl and girls nurseries… jokes on me!

Weight Gain: So far have gained 3 pounds. My doctor suggested 5-10 pounds the first 20 weeks and then one pound per week after that, so I am right on track. My belly finally popped out last week and even though it kinda looks like I just had too much ice cream…. I love it!

Maternity Clothes: None yet, however I haven’t buttoned my pants since about 7 weeks. I want zero pressure on my belly! The high school uniform skirt trick of using a hair tie to hold my pants together is coming in handy.

Nursery: Even though I’m foreseeing lots of navy and baby blue, I know we will stick with a neutral palette for the furniture, rug and curtains. I am also thinking of doing wallpaper on one wall. Maybe safari themed?

Movement: Really looking forward to this! For now, I can feel my entire insides move when I turn from sleeping on my stomach to my left side. It makes me a little nauseous! And is something I have never felt before.

Symptoms: I have had zero morning sickness, except for that one time I took my prenatal in the morning on an empty stomach! Lesson learned. The only thing that has been different is during the first trimester, the pain in my chest constantly and then I have increased a full cup size already! Which was happily welcomed. I was also crazy exhausted during weeks 5 to 12. I went to bed at 9PM and it is still so difficult to get out of bed in the morning for work. Then, when I would get home from work, I just laid on the couch for a couple hours and would get up only for dinner. (Thanks Paul for making dinner for a couple weeks!) It was also common to catch me sleeping in the car during lunch breaks.

Sleep: Been sleeping like a baby, pun intended. Only issue is I already am getting up in the middle of every night to use the bathroom. I originally thought this would only happen when I had a big baby bump!

Cravings: CEREAL, fruit, and chocolate milk! The really rich and decadent, pre-made chocolate milk was the first thing I went overboard on when we found out we were pregnant. Such a delish indulgence. I can’t say my sugar cravings have increased, because they were always high. I have been craving fruit more than usual. Also, been driving 20 minutes out of the way home for a frisco melt and fries from Steak n’ Shake.

Aversions: Put a plain salad or a chicken breast in front of me and I want to gag. Which is not great for a growing baby boy! Also haven’t been able to have eggs anyway besides scrambled. Then the whole increased sniffer thing is really throwing me off. Just the smell of a hard boil egg or cottage cheese makes my stomach turn.

Best Moment This Week: Hands down, the ultrasound. Not only did we get to hear the heartbeat again (143 bpm) but we got to see baby stretching and moving around! Lil babe is so flexible, he can get his foot all the way up to his nose.

Looking Forward To: Our 20 week ultrasound appointment. This is a much longer ultrasound and more in-depth than the ones we have had. I am also so excited to share that we are officially having a boy and I can start planning the nursery and buying clothes 🙂


Again, thank you for the support and let me know if there are any other mommies to be out there! I would love to hear from you.


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