The Truth

Today’s post a little different than most. It’s a peek into my “not so perfect” world and some plans on how to deal. Maybe you are struggling with similar issues?

The Truth

The main reason for today’s post is to be a more transparent than what you only see on social platforms and C&PD.  As  I scroll through instagram and Facebook feeds, it’s hard not to notice that nearly every post contains only the “good stuff.” Examples: So and So is backpacking through Europe, this person just got a promotion, your bestie is wearing the pair of heels you have been coveting, and your old classmate got a puppy. Does anyone else have a different experience? One thing I really wanted out of my blog was to be authentic and truly connect with my readers.


So without further ado… here are some hard truths about me and where I am in my life. Because life is not always pretty, but your Instagram feed can be.


  1. Blogging is not easy. First, it is a LOT of work and there is never enough hours in the day. which I think most people can relate too. The majority bloggers in this world are blogging as a hobby and passion; not their full-time gig. But holy Moses, it could absolutely take up a full days work if you want it to! excluding the paycheck. Another downside of blogging is the pressure to have the latest and greatest. You can seriously rack up your credit card debt if you are not careful. Thank goodness I have great relationships with local stores and I am able to pull looks. Otherwise, I would be in some major credit card trouble. Still though… I love my shoes, handbags and jewelry. Which equals frivolously expenditures. My bad. Finally, shooting day. Now don’t get me wrong; pulling outfits together to post and shoot with my blogger friend, Kim, is one of my favorite parts of the blogging process. However, the hour and half of  makeup and hair prep is a pain in the you know what. Nothing feels better then getting home after shooting and washing my face. Also, changing outfits in the car…. nothing glam about that!
  2. I am nearly a year into battling adult acne and I am over it. Large, cystic pimples are a day week ruiner. The great thing is I have invested a small fortune into makeup to cover it up! So come on over if you have a mountain on your cheek. However, the hard part is that I know the main reason for my breakouts is two things… my diet and that time of the month. Things I do right: NEVER going to sleep with makeup on and sticking to this skincare routine like my life depends on it. Thing that I need to work on: diet overall. My sugar intake is out of control. Damn you sugar, you are the devil! It sounds so easy to just give up sugar, butttt I love my cookies. And ice cream. And chocolate. And candy.
  3. Marriage is not for the weak. Haha, KIDDING! How about it’s no walk in the park? Okay, it is… most days. Or should I say the majority of days. I feel very fortunate that I have found Paul and honestly feel that I lucked out with this man. He is incredibly smart, handy around the house, makes me laugh until I cry and I couldn’t ask for anyone to be more supportive of my blogging dreams. (unless he sees 10 packages at the door). There are a million other things I love about this man. But he reads my blog… so I can’t let his head get too big. But really, what more does a girl need? The truth is we have our great days, good days and bad days. It’s really hard living and WORKING with your spouse. We see each other nearly every hour, every day. Which is quite a bit. Although, if we didn’t argue I think I would be even more worried. Most arguments revolve around money, which is pretty typical for most husbands and wives. It’s HARDDDD to compromise when it comes to plans for savings and expenditures. But really, he’s way better with money then myself, so he wins most of the time.
  4. My body is a lemon. Meaning, I may look all healthy on the outside, but my insides not so much. Thanks Paul for this funny acronym. Paul also jokes that he “bought” the car without checking out what’s under the hood. Isn’t he hilarious. 🙂  I have already talked about my acne and a peeked into hypoglycemia, but wait there’s more. After we got married I found out some unfortunate things about myself. 1. I have a pinched nerve in my neck from an extra bone that has grown called a cervical rib. 2. Do not qualify for LASIK because it is too risky to correct my -7.50 vision. (Didn’t even know there was a limit!) 3. Started having hypoglycemic attacks. They are very similar to diabetic attacks. Talk about scary. 4. Have multiple subluxations in my spine. That was over a year ago… I’v gone from seeing a chiropractor 3x a week to once every couple weeks! Woo, progress! 5. I curse like a sailor. Well that’s not really something on the health track, but thought I would throw it in there for good measure. The point being, I need to take better care of myself. Afterall I plan on playing volleyball until I’m ninety. Mom, there’s no such thing as “my last tournament!”  
  5. Having a baby makes me feel uneasy. Is this common or am I alone on this? Paul and I have always talked babies for our future, but as the countdown gets closer… the more anxious I get. To be clear, I want kids. Love em’. The thing that I find scary is having no idea how to do anything everything. However, I think the scariest part is the unknown. Nowadays there are so many things that can happen during pregnancy and it honestly scares the hell out of me. My mom tells me all the time that most things are out of my hands and I just need to take care of my body and the things that are controllable. Which helps and is very reassuring. But still… I would be lying if I said I had no fears.


So, now that I have spilled some personal secrets, (anyone else battling with similar issues?) I think it would be productive to share plans on working through these hard truths. I am definitely no expert and certainly do not have answers for everything, but here is my first stab at what I hope to accomplish. Let me know if you have additional advice! I would love to hear other options 🙂


  1. Free-time: Better time management. I hate blogging in the wee hours of the night. My favorite times to write are first thing in the mornings when my head is clear. So Saturday’s and Sundays it is! I also can get lots done on an airplane or road trip. So maybe I will just have to schedule a trip. You know, to accomplish this goal only 🙂
  2. Skincare: STOP EATING SUGAR, you dum dum! I’m talking to me, not you… pinky swear! I know the real way to keep my pimples from showing up is to eat more veggies and keep the sugar to nada a minimum. Easier said than done. But baby steps. I can do this!
  3. Marriage: This one is a hard to assign a specific goal or action plan. First thoughts are too always think before I speak and put Paul’s needs before anyone else’s. Make him my number one priority. Our relationship comes first, and it is important that he always knows this and feels it in my actions.
  4. Your health is your wealth: I’ve already started working on this by stocking my desk with lots of healthy snacks like almonds, pistachios and bringing my lunch. But that’s not good enough. I need some self control! Confession: I had a blizzard for lunch yesterday… there, I said it! I think I need to implement a phone call when my cravings are getting wild. My mom and Paul are my health advocates, so I think giving them a call before I end up in the ice cream drive through would be worthwhile. Also, clear out my pantry, freezer and fridge! Out of sight, out of mind.
  5. Kiddos: For this… take a chill pill. The wonderful thing about having so many nieces and nephews is that I am surrounded by so many great mothers and examples. These are the women who I know will not let me fail. Paul is my wingman, but these women are kick-ass moms. And I am fortunate to have them.



If you have made it this far… thank you for reading! That was a long one, I know! I love hearing from my readers, so if  you have any questions, comments, or advice I would love to hear from you! Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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