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A couple weeks back I had the pleasure of experiencing my first home shopping experience! And no, I do not mean I shopped QVC or HSN. I had my own personal stylists from STL Mix & Match come over to my house with a rack full of clothes, all picked especially for my style. And… they nailed my look! We had so much fun hanging out and shopping in my closet. When they left. I truly felt like I had some of my closest friends over to hang out. Check out the experience below and what items stayed at home with me.

Champagne & Polka Dots // STL Mix & Match Champagne & Polka Dots // STL Mix & Match

Maggie and Erin are the founders of STL Mix & Match and they specialize in making shopping affordable and fun. Their business model was made for women who love to shop and also those who hate it! let’s be clear, I fall in the first category. With their in-home styling service and boutique trunk shows, STL Mix & Match is able to deliver pieces for the current season, upcoming season, new trends and also closet staples. You get the best of everything with this service. Also, the best part… their price point on all their clothes ranges from $25 to $100!! This is perfect for girls in college or in their 20’s & 30’s that want quality clothes that won’t break the bank.

Champagne & Polka Dots // STL Mix & Match

I loved this crochet tank ($30) and the striped, hooded cardigan ($40). I have been wearing this cardigan non-stop! Champagne & Polka Dots // STL Mix & Match

Champagne & Polka Dots // STL Mix & Match

This grey cotton dress ($30) also made the cut for my shopping bag. It is so soft and comfortable! Champagne & Polka Dots // STL Mix & Match

I know at my age, it can be hard for a lot of my friends to get out and shop with their job schedule and school schedules. I have lots of friends that are currently in grad school and also working full time, so their free-time is sparse to say the least. This kind of shopping is perfect for anyone that wants quick, relaxed, and tailored to their own style, in the comfort of their home. I had so much fun trying on all the pieces Erin and Maggie brought. I could have easily kept everything they brought for me!

Champagne & Polka Dots // STL Mix & Match Champagne & Polka Dots // STL Mix & MatchChampagne & Polka Dots // STL Mix & Match

This top ($28) also stayed at home with me. Perfect for the weekend and the office!
Champagne & Polka Dots // STL Mix & Match

How It Works: Prior to your in-home styling session, Maggie & Erin send a style survey about your sizing, how you like your clothes to fit, what clothes you need, if you have any special events coming up, and what you typically wear day to day. This provides them a great synopsis of what you are looking for. There is also a section on the survey for you to add any pieces you are looking for; like a spring jacket, new denim, leggings, or a dress for an upcoming wedding. The more notes and details you provide… the better the opportunity for them to nail your look and what you need.Champagne & Polka Dots // STL Mix & Match Champagne & Polka Dots // STL Mix & Match Champagne & Polka Dots // STL Mix & Match

This was my favorite piece out of everything!! I can wear this dress ($40) for work, weddings, showers, etc. The scallop sleeves are just gorgeous and this is truly my idea of the perfect dress for spring. Champagne & Polka Dots // STL Mix & Match

I had such a great experience with STL Mix & Match, I would highly recommend them to all of my friends and family. The process was very efficient and quick, and they were in and out within an hour! And I was left with five gorgeous new pieces, perfect for spring.

Champagne & Polka Dots // STL Mix & Match Champagne & Polka Dots // STL Mix & MatchMy pup, Gus wanted in on the action as well. But with the snow that day he was a wee bit to wet and dirty to hang-out while I were shopping. Gus happily observed and approved of my looks from the window. 🙂


If you are interested in purchasing any of these items or an in-home styling service or scheduling STL Mix & Match for a trunk show party at your home, contact You can also follow them on instagram here. Also, stop by Sincerely Jenna Marie to view her styling session!


Thanks to Katie Howard  for taking all of these wonderful photographs and STL Mix & Match for sponsoring this post. In exchange for my time, I was gifted credit towards my styling session.  All opinions are my own. 

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