Fringe Dress & OTK Boots

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fringe dress (under $50!) // OTK Boots // Tassel Necklace (lots of colors and great gift idea!) //

Faux Leather Jacket (on sale!) // Purse (found at Kate Spade Outlet similar, similar)


If you are going to buy one dress this winter, this is the one. It is perfection. This is the kind of dress that easily works for every season of the year. I have worn it by itself, with a jacket, with tights, and even with a white button-down shirt underneath and I love all of the looks! If you still don’t believe me on the versatility of this dress… I have worn it to the office, on date night, to a St. Louis Fashion Week event, to family dinner, and even brunch with the girls. How more versatile can you get?! And the best part, it’s on sale for $44!! So really you have no reason NOT to add this to your closet!


On to another obsession. These over the knee boots. Also known as, OTK. I know what you are thinking, “Jenna, I thought OTK boots were for the typical temptress.” Confession: I really wanted to say that you may think OTK are for,  well… sluts. EEK! There I said it! 🙂 Well, I am here to tell you that you can wear them and not look like a Harlot. (Still avoiding the S word here. ha!) These boots have been catching everyones attention since Julia Roberts wore them in Pretty Woman. Okay, that’s a bad example. But damn did she look good in them!? So I may have just put my foot in my mouth. I do that often. Sorry mom.


Moving on. I love my OTK boots. They are comfortable, extremely warm and they pair well with conservative dresses. Conservative is the key word here. They look equally as great over jeans or leggings. However styling these boots can be a bit tricky because they can look a bit risqué if you really want them too. When pairing them with a dress it’s important to keep everything else up top more covered up. A little imagination is always a great thing! And finally, these are definitely stand-out shoes so wear with confidence and rock it!


I hope you enjoyed this post and you get a sense of how much fun I had writing about this look.  My writing style is how I would talk to my friends and I really want to keep things light and fun on my blog. Additionally, I love trying new trends and in the beginning I was a bit weary of trying a pair of these boots. However, when it comes to style its about having fun with what you wear and feeling good in your clothes. And I can assure you that I always have a blast wearing these boots and this fringe dress.

Cheers! -Jenna

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