Top Ten Things to Do & Places To Eat In New York City

Champagne and Polkadots
Okay. So this post is way overdue… Paul and I traveled to NYC to visit my good friend Anna, and her husband, Patrick back in September. I know, it’s November in one week but better late than never! Right?! Also,  I need to forewarn you… I was in a “social media” and “no picture-taking” mood this trip. Sometimes you need to just disconnect. So therefore, all the photos below are from my iPhone. My bad.


The trip was amazing. It was my first time in New York and I wanted to do absolutely everything. When I told Anna this she said, “Well, that’s not going to happen, so make a  list!” I thought she was joking, but her and Patrick really made us send them a list of what we wanted to do and to what extent we wanted to do them! Example… visit the World Trade Center. To me that meant go to the site and see the memorial. But to Patrick and Anna, that had to be clarified because there is also a museum and it could take either 20 minutes or 4 hours, depending on what you wanted to see. So after clarifying what exactly we wanted to do at each stop, Patrick had us prioritize. (Thank goodness for him and his type A personality.)  I am so thankful we did this, because we were able to do nearly everything we really wanted in only three days.


So here it is. The Top 10 Things to Do In New York City in a Weekend. And trust me, you can do it all. We just got a little help from my friends that have been there for a couple years now. Also, sorry Patrick but this list is not prioritized. Be sure to also check out the Top Ten Places to Eat in NYC below!


  1. Statue of Liberty
  2. Central Park
  3. Stone Street
  4. Flat Iron District
  5. SOHO
  6. 5th Avenue
  7. World Trade Center
  8. One of the many museums
  9. Broadway Play
  10. Wall Street

Things that didn’t make the list: Grand Central Station, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, China Town.

  1. Statue of Liberty / BE A TOURIST!: To start off, I am going to give you a little piece of advice… take the damn “touristy” tour. Paul and I had a blast on the Circle Line Cruise Boat that went all the way around Manhattan. It’s a great way to hear all the facts about the city and to see the entire island. We also got an up close look at the Statue of Liberty. The only downside we experienced was that we were not actually able to go around the entire island that day. When we chose to go the weekend of September 25th, we had no idea that the UN would be in procession and that the Pope would also be visiting. Fair to say that Friday’s plan was out the window. We thought we would be safe with the boat tour, but the coast guard would not let us pass the UN Headquarters by boat. It’s okay though, we got through 3/4 of the tour and dodged the crowds that were following the Pope.
  2. Central Park: Best way to see Central Park quickly is by bike. You can rent a citibike for $9.95 for 24 hours. We had a picnic breakfast in the park, then took off. We made stops at the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, the Boat House, Belvedere Castle, and Bethesda Terrace. Here is a great list of other to do’s in the park.
  3. Stone Street. This was my favorite thing we did in NYC. It also just so happened to be the oyster festival the day we went, and I love me some fresh oysters! Stone street is in the financial district and it’s easy to get to Wall Street and the World Trade Center from here. The street dates back to the 1600’s and has that old-city charm with the granite paving and blue stone sidewalks. The surrounding buildings are all newly restored and include a half dozen restaurants and cafes that border outdoor picnic tables. This place is unforgettable and I highly recommend going. We enjoyed oysters and the best Lobster Mac & Cheese I have ever had at Stone Street Tavern.
  4. Flat Iron District: This is a neighborhood that gets it’s name from the Flat Iron building. A very beautiful building that is shaped just like the name says, an iron. This area has a couple great parks around it as well, including Madison Square Park and Union Square.
  5. SOHO: If you love to shop, which you might since you are reading this blog… you have to go to SOHO, aka South Houston. They have everything from H&M, JCrew, Warby Parker and Nordstrom, to Louis Vuitton and Chanel. You get your one stop shop in this area.
  6. 5th Avenue: This is the high end fashion street that has all of the boutiques you probably can’t afford. But still fun to visit and peek inside the beautiful store fronts.
  7. World Trade Center Memorial: This memorial was truly breathtaking. They did such a great job on making this memorial so serene and beautiful. The new World Trade Center overlooks the memorial and it too is a glorious work of architecture.  I wish we would have had more time to go into the actual museum. There’s always next time though. My friend Anna, mentioned that it is worth going.
  8. Any Museum to Your Liking: I kept this one vague because there is so many different museums you could go to in NY. Some to pick from are the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Guggenheim, and the American Museum of Natural History. This was another thing I wish we had more time for. I would have loved to visited the Museum of Natural History or MoMa. Again, that’s on the to-do list next time!
  9. Broadway: This was my absolute favorite thing we did during our quick stay in NYC! I know, I already said that…. but really, this was so much fun. We saw The Book of Mormon because it was really the only thing Paul was interested in. And it was fantastic! Like, “pee in your pants” funny. Go see it. You won’t regret it.
  10. Wall Street: This is a quick stop that’s worth it. I enjoyed seeing the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the Federal Reserve, and the Charging Bull.

So on to the next list.  It’s really hard to make a Top Ten Best Places to Eat in NYC, when I have not experienced them all myself. But what I do know is that these are the favorites of my two friends in New York that have lived there a few years. And let me tell you, the restaurants they took us too did not disappoint.
Top Ten Places to Eat In New York City

  1. The Spotted Pig – Brunch & Dinner
  2. Jacobs Pickles –  Brunch & Dinner
  3. Beauty & Essex – Cocktails: You have to go through an antique shop to go to this bar! So cool.
  4. Blue Ribbon Sushi – Dinner
  5. Stone Street Tavern – Brunch & Dinner: Lobster mac & cheese!!
  6. Yuca Bar – Lunch & Dinner: Great Sangria
  7. Freeman’s –  Dinner: Try the devils on horseback. It’s a date wrapped in bacon. You’re welcome.
  8. Zabar’s – Breakfast & Lunch: Try their Rugalach
  9. Sugar, Sweet, Sunshine – Dessert spot. Get the Chocolate Chip Pudding!! Out of this world.
  10. Big Gay Ice Cream – Dessert

Champagne and Polkadots

Shopping in SOHO
Champagne and Polkadots Champagne and Polkadots

UN in procession, guarded by the Coast Guard

Champagne and Polkadots Champagne and Polkadots


Champagne and Polkadots

Champagne and Polkadots

New York Stock Exchange

Champagne and Polkadots

Champagne and Polkadots

Belvedere Castle in Central Park

stone street

Stone Street image via

sugar sweet sunshine

Sugar Sweet Sunshine Pudding image via

Champagne and Polkadots

Freeman’s  image via


Let me know if you have any other favorite restaurants or things to do in NYC that I missed! I know there is a million restaurants and that you can live there a year, and still not see everything! I hope you enjoyed this post. I am already planning my next trip back to the city.

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Cheers! -Jenna

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