Wedding Guest Dresses Under $50, $100 & $200

It’s that time of year! No not duck season, or even just fall… but Wedding season! This post was requested by my brother’s girlfriend who was having trouble finding affordable dress options for Weddings. I have included lots of stylish options for all budgets that won’t break the bank. There is also no shame is utilizing the buddy system and swapping dresses with a friend if you have more than a few weddings to go to this fall. Happy shopping and be on the lookout for a post on personal and unique wedding gifts that are way better than cash!

Wedding Guest Dresses Under $200




Wedding Guest Dresses Under $100




Wedding Guest Dresses Under $50


Hope this post was helpful! If you need further assistance in dress shopping, don’t hesitate to email me directly at I would be happy to help! Again, check back for the post on wedding gifts that the Bride and Groom with love!


Cheers! -Jenna