25 Weeks Bumpdate

champagne and polkadots - 25 week bumpdate

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Today marks week 25 and I am still loving being pregnant. After talking with many other women who have had babies or are pregnant now too, I realize how fortunate I am to not be vomiting all the time or have severe nausea. There are so many women who are sick throughout the entire pregnancy and I feel like I am going to jinx myself every time someone asks if I have been sick.


Honestly though, I have loved everything so far. At my first OB appointment, I found out that I have an anterior placenta and which is normal but just means I wasn’t able to feel the baby move as early other pregnant women. But around week 22, I finally felt our little man tumble and kick and I gotta say it was the best feeling in the world! Ever since I felt those “for sure” first kicks, I have felt him moving around non-stop. Paul has been able to feel him kick as well, which is so incredible to experience together.


Below is my second bumpdate and I realize the last time I did this I was at 4 months or 17 weeks to be exact (read here.) I cannot believe how many things have changed and progressed since then! I am now 6 months and have had some really funny and slightly embarrassing things happen since the last update. So here we go…


How Far Along? 25 weeks exactly

Size of Baby: A rutabaga (who actually knows how big a rutabaga is?) or around 13 inches and 1 1/2 lbs.

Gender: Boy! We decided on a name a while back and can’t wait to share!

Weight Gain: 16 pounds and right on target according to my OB. However, this is the worst part about about pregnancy. Even with working out, walking, and not even ice cream everyday, gaining weight is inevitable. I know its all part of the process and that its perfectly healthy but that doesn’t make stepping on the scale any easier. My mom keeps telling me I need to relax and I am taking the fun out of it. But all I see is my booty increasing in size, along with my chest and belly. ha!

Maternity Clothes: We had a girls trip to NYC when I was around 17 weeks and my mom and I did some maternity shopping at Seraphine and Rosie Pope. It was so much fun to shop at stores that aren’t available in St. Louis and I ended up getting some really cute maternity staples. I have no idea why I waited so long to buy maternity jeans? They are so comfy and I would recommend any pregnant woman to get a pair as soon as she can’t button her pants anymore.  I purchased another distressed pair I have been wearing on repeat, as well as a couple dresses and a pair of leggings.

Nursery: My beautiful dressing room/closet is completely gone and has been converted to the nursery! We have the room freshly painted and the glider, crib and dresser in and ready to go! I have on order some really cute decor items and a really cozy ottoman. We are going with a safari animal theme after I found these adorable sheets from pottery barn. The nursery is my favorite room in the house right now and I love spending my morning in the rocker with a hot lemon water (15 weeks till coffee!)

Movement: He is moving all the time! Which I love.

Symptoms: As wonderful as this pregnancy has been there is plenty of crazy things that have been happening that are completely out of the norm for me. Overall though everything I have been experiencing is considered normal pregnancy pains, like sciatica pain and cramps/soreness under my belly. The only really odd thing that has happened so far is that I started having colostrum earlier this week. Which every pregnant woman doesn’t necessary experience especially this early on! It went entirely through my bra and two shirts. So I took it as a free pass to go home early from work  because that type of leak just does not dry. Yippee for me.

Sleep: Starting to get uncomfortable and I am currently in the habit of waking up at 4 AM and not able to to fall asleep again till around 5 or 6. Just in time to get up for work.

Cravings: Still craving lots of fruit and I want donuts everyday right now. Specifically long johns with sprinkles.

Aversions: Chicken breast and the smell of hard boiled eggs.

Best Moment: Feeling the baby kick for the first time! It was so fun because I was laying in bed when it happened. I called Paul in and he was able to feel the baby kick as well. Pretty sure we both had obnoxious grins on our faces the rest of that week.

Looking Forward To: Getting the glucose test over with! This dang test has been in the back of my mind for a while. After having problems with my sugar levels a couple years back I have been curious to see how it would affect me during pregnancy. The test is at week 28, so stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you have any other questions or if there are any other momma’s to be out there!

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Winter & Current Maternity Favorites

champagne and polkadots - maternity favorites

I am having a hard time believing that I am already 6 months pregnant, but here we are at 24 weeks and I have 16 more to go! What no one tells you is that pregnancy really is 10 months. Think about it…. 40 weeks does NOT equal 9 months. So hopefully I just prepared some other women who are thinking about expanding their families for 10 months instead of 9. ha! This outfit features a few of my current winter and maternity favorites. The stuff I have been wearing on repeat. More details below.

Blanqi Maternity Tank // Burgundy Duster c/o // Distressed Denim (maternity)

Studded Suede Booties // Kendra Scott adjustable Choker c/o // Kendra Scott lariat necklace 

Rebecca Minkoff Metallic Suede Crossbody // Ray Ban Black Aviators

champagne and polkadots - maternity favorites champagne and polkadots - maternity favorites champagne and polkadots - maternity favorites champagne and polkadots - maternity favorites
champagne and polkadots - maternity favorites
champagne and polkadots - maternity favorites champagne and polkadots - maternity favoriteschampagne and polkadots - maternity favorites champagne and polkadots - maternity favorites



Not going to lie… these past few months I have been living in leggings.  But when your regular pants become unzippable because of a growing baby bump, I feel like you deserve a free pass. So… leggings it is! I will be doing a post soon on the best maternity leggings. so look for that. However, I did venture out recently and purchase these distressed maternity jeans from A Pea in the Pod and they are super comfy. Also, tip for any other pregnant women… you are the same size in maternity as you were pre-baby! Do not size up to make room for the bump. They have already doe that for you.


Another maternity favorite I have been wearing non-stop is this tank by Blanqi. This has been a lifesaver for back pain and the feeling like my belly is falling from my body. It has built in support around the bump and all over the back. It’s not cheap, but so worth the extra money. Especially if you plan on being pregnant a few times. Just a warning… you will be seeing this tank frequently on the blog 🙂


Finally, can we take a moment to discuss all of the accessories in this outfit? Santa was so good to me this year and delivered these studded Jeffrey Campbell booties (also come in beige and green) and this metallic and velvet Rebecca Minkoff crossbody. Fun part about this crossbody, is that there is a phone charger located in the tassel! Also, the oil slick metallic hardware is even more beautiful in person. My Kendra Scott choker necklace is also adjustable and can be worn long as well.


Hope you all are off to a good Monday. Stay tuned for 6th month bump date this week!

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The Perfect Personalized Holiday Gift!

Champagne and polkadots - cats meow catstudio pillows Champagne and polkadots - cats meow catstudio pillows Champagne and polkadots - cats meow catstudio pillows Champagne and polkadots - cats meow catstudio pillows Champagne and polkadots - cats meow catstudio pillowsChampagne and polkadots - cats meow catstudio pillows

Enjoy these mini pillow ornaments, free gift with purchase, of an embroidered pillow!

Champagne and polkadots - cats meow catstudio pillows Champagne and polkadots - cats meow catstudio pillows Champagne and polkadots - cats meow catstudio pillows Champagne and polkadots - cats meow catstudio pillows Champagne and polkadots - cats meow catstudio pillows


There are always those certain few people that are impossible to buy for. My mom being one of them! For the woman who has everything… why not get them a unique Christmas gift that is perfectly personalized. The pictures do not do these pillows justice. They are beautifully hand-crafted by Catstudio and they have a huge selection of these pillows shown as well as, hand towels and glasses, all available at Cats Meow in St. Louis now!



These are such a unique gift for anyone and perfect for honeymoons, vacations, college, hometowns, and also family heritage! I am also loving their holiday collection, especially the Nutcracker design. Everything is unique and is sure to be a topic of conversation when guests come over. You have to see their Collegiate collection. My Alma Mater Mizzou is included and available at Cats Meow, and all of the significant places in Columbia are in the design, including Truman the Tiger!



Cats Meow in Des Peres, MO is currently having a trunk show with these embroidered pillows and glasses until January 1st.  As mentioned above, receive a North Pole or Missouri mini pillow ornament as a free gift with purchase of an embroidered pillow! You can also find so many other beautiful holiday decorations and personalized gifts in stores!



Cats Meow Embroidery & Gifts

12065 Manchester Road

St. Louis, MO 63131

(314) 909-1415


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