33 Week BumpDate & Pregnancy Guide!

maternity favorites - champagne & polka dotsmaternity favorites - champagne & polka dotsmaternity favorites - champagne & polka dots

maternity favorites - champagne & polka dotsmaternity favorites - champagne & polka dotsmaternity favorites - champagne & polka dotsmaternity favorites - champagne & polka dots

maternity favorites - champagne & polka dots maternity favorites - champagne & polka dotsmaternity favorites - champagne & polka dots

maternity favorites - champagne & polka dots

maternity favorites - champagne & polka dots

DRESS: Mara Hoffman via Rent the Runway // Photos: Twist of Fate Imagery

A couple weeks back, we took a long overdue family vacation to the Florida Keys. Since we were in such a beautiful tropical place, Paul and I took the opportunity to get some maternity photos. I mean… you really can’t get these kinds of photos in the Midwest! I found this colorful maxi dress from Mara Hoffman last year and have been stalking it on Revolve for months. So when it popped up on Rent the Runway, I was just waiting for an opportunity to wear it. It worked so well with my growing bump (28 weeks in these pics) and I love how it turned out.

If you are looking for something special or formal during pregnancy, RTR is a great resource. They just added a new feature especially for maternity, that allows you to filter dresses by Trimester. My only advice is to be sure to order added length during pregnancy if its available! Any non-maternity dress is going to pull fabric up over your bump and you will need the extra length for the dress to hit the ground properly if its a maxi or long gown. I made this mistake with a dress I ordered for a wedding a couple weeks back… lesson learned!

So, on to another bump date! So much has changed the past month and I thought I would take the opportunity to also talk about some of my favorite products and things during pregnancy, along with the usual bump date. Let me know if you have any advice or favorites as well!



Pregnancy Books: A girlfriend of mine recommended reading The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy, and I absolutely loved this book! Compared to What to Expect When You’re Expecting– it gave real, down-to-earth advice and was way more fun to read, rather than how technical everything was in the What to Expect book. Not to say that I don’t crack open the What to Expect book from time to time- it’s just more of an encyclopedia to me than a great read.

Pregnancy & Registry Reviews and Resource: Lucies List! I cannot say enough about this website. This helped me so much while registering for things like strollers, bassinets, and high chairs. There is also great reviews for maternity & postpartum items like breast pumps and sleeping essentials for newborns! So many great articles and reviews.

Lotion for Stretch Marks: Palmers Cocoa Butter lotion for stretch marks – been using since day one of pregnancy, thanks Megan! And so far, no stretch marks. But hey- I still have 7 weeks to go!

Morning Coffee Replacement: As luck has it, I became a coffee drinker about three months prior to findout out I was pregnant. I don’t know what took me so long, but I was finally enjoying the taste of it! So when my morning ritual was taken away. I needed a replacement that I could still enjoy. In comes in the warm lemon water. Now, it does not have the benefits of caffeine, but the power packed in a hot lemon water first thing in the morning is amazing! A cup of warm lemon water boosts your immune system, aids digestion, balances PH, controls breakouts, and freshens breath among of other great things. I’ll be sure to keep this habit it up- even after pregnancy.

Prevent & Treat Swelling: I have been taking lots and lots of epsom salt baths to prevent and treat swelling. Luckily, I have had hardly any swelling- but I did some research and this came up time and time again as a great way to prevent and has worked for me! I also try and drink at least 100 ounces of a water a day, which is another great way to prevent water retention.

Prevent & Treat Acne: So the whole “glowing” and beautiful skin thing was not happening for me once I found out I was pregnant. With that many hormones, I was expecting my body to go a little haywire and that it did! I have been a long time user of Rodan & Fields products, but needed to change up my regime since finding out I was pregnant. I went from their anti-aging line, Reverse, to their sensitive skin (and pregnancy friendly) regime, Soothe. I have been using Soothe with my clarisonic since around month three of pregnancy, and it has made such a huge difference in controlling my breakouts and keeping my skin looking red-free and radiant.

Favorite Maternity Stores to Shop: Target (anything Liz Lange particularly), ASOS Maternity, PinkBlush Maternity, The Gap, The Loft, Nordstrom, Seraphine and A Pea in the Pod.  Now, let’s be clear here… this list makes it look like I have a huge wardrobe of maternity clothes. But I have purchased probably between 10-12 maternity items total and the rest of the time I just have been ordering a size up in regular clothes! Also… if you’re lucky like me, you have some friends or sister-in-laws you can borrow from. 🙂 Bests: pregnancy tank top, pjs (non-maternity, size up!) leggings,versatile top. (I have this in 3 colors now, under $30!)

Workout Routine: So once the first trimester , my energy was back up enough that I felt up to doing something after work besides melt on the couch or go to bed at 8 PM! If you saw my post about Class Pass from this past fall, you know how much I enjoy switching up my workout routine. During my pregnancy, I have kept up with my Class Pass membership and been loving the hot yoga and deep stretch yoga classes especially. Other classes that I have enjoyed are the cycling and treadmill/weights classes periodically. For the treadmill classes, I have had to modify with fast walking and the occasional light jog, but other than that- I have felt capable of doing everything else in the classes. Finally, I have been trying to get a walk in everyday, either during my lunch break or in the evenings with Paul & my doodle. The most motivating thing has gotta be fitbit challenges with my girlfriends…. otherwise- I would be a sloth. Thanks, buds!

Pregnancy Apps: This was one thing I was clueless about because there are so many options out there! So, I reached out to my fellow ladies with babies and the What to Expect App was the most popular. Now, since I am a bit obsessive… I downloaded an additional app, that I love just as much. The other app I use is called Ovia Pregnancy. This is great for daily updates on everything going on with you and baby, but I really love the ability to track notes, weight, milestones and doctor appointments all into one organized calendar. Which is something you are unable to do in the What to Expect App. The What to Expect app also has great daily insight, articles and updates on size and everything going on with baby and your changing body. It also has a community forum, where you can connect and chat with other pregnant women, but watch out… because this is a network of other expecting mommas and some posts can get very opinionated and judgy.

Podcasts: My favorite thing every week on the day of my due date (so, every Tuesday) is listening to the 40 Weeks Pregnancy Podcast. Every week, Vanessa gives you an update about baby and you and also gives advice on what you need to be doing to prepare, all under 5 minutes. I also love her episodes from The Pregnancy Podcast– where I can search and listen to topics that are relevant to my pregnancy and baby to-do list. The Pregnancy Podcast covers everything from pregnancy, prenatal care, labor, and breast feeding, to newborns and being a new parent. I have found the podcasts to be a great resource in helping me make informed decisions about what I want for my pregnancy, delivery and baby.



How Far Along? 33 weeks or 8 months. Yah!

Size of Baby: A pineapple, or about 19 inches and 4 pounds

Gender: Boy!

Weight Gain: 24 pounds

Maternity Clothes: So, as mentioned previously none of my clothes are fitting. Paul’s three sisters saved me right in time with bags full of their maternity clothes for my choosing. Thank heavens! I was able to discover some favorites from their hand-me downs that I probably would not have found myself. Like black pixie pants for work from Old Navy, these long sleeve and short sleeve tees,  and H&M’s maternity line, MAMA. Honestly though, on days when its hard to get dressed, I throw on one of these maternity tanks (I have one in every color!), my favorite pair of leggings, a cardigan (just purchased this is light pink!) and I am good to go. Also, I am currently down to one bra that fits correctly and it’s borrowed from my mom. Is that weird? You know it’s time to go bra shopping when that happens! I have made some purchases for postpartum like this nursing bra from Target and a couple of these cotton nursing tanks by Gilligan & O’Malley that have come highly recommended by some of my experienced mommas. Other purchases include this nursing cami from Nordstrom (super super soft) and this nursing bra from Bravado that has rave reviews from blogger mommies.

Movement: Little guy is still moving constantly and we just started to see some movement from the outside which is completely wild. I need to catch this on video! Also, I have started to feel hiccups. When I heard some girls talk about this happening to them before, I wasn’t sure how I would know what it would feel like and how to distinguish them from the regular kicks. The best way to describe it is that the hiccups are more rhythmic and consistent than the regular jabs of kicking.

Symptoms: Since the last update from week 25, there has only been a couple new things that have popped up. The skin around my belly has been feeling incredibly tight and I am not sleeping nearly as well as I did during the 2nd trimester. It’s also a chore to put on shoes and do anything that requires bending over with this bowling ball size of a belly in the way. And then the backaches are pretty much constant now-a-days. So enough with the complaining… I honestly am still pretty happy and know the bigger I get- the more uncomfortable I am going to get. So trying to enjoy these next couple weeks!

Cravings: Haven’t been craving anything in particular the last few weeks, I feel like intense cravings for certain foods has subsided.

Aversions: Same thing as the cravings. No more aversions as of now!

Best Moments: Definitely a few to share here… First, passing the glucose test right in time for my birthday and girl scout cookie arrival. Amen! And then definitely all of the wonderful baby showers I’ve had in the last month. Me and my baby boy have been absolutely spoiled this past month with four showers, and I can say we are officially ready for our lil guys arrival. Our nursery is exploding with all the sweet gifts and it’s easy to see how loved our little boy is already. 🙂

Looking Forward To: Finishing up the nursery! I have washed and put away most of his clothes, but just need to organize some things and put the rest of the gifts from showers in its rightful place. Also need to hang some pictures and shelves for the finishing touch.



As I shared on my Instagram, I am giving away a $75 gift card to Pink Blush to one of my readers! All you have to do is follow me and like the photo I posted on Instagram and you will be entered in. You can tag friends in the comments for up to 5 additional entries. The winner will be announced on 3/31/17. This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by Instagram. No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law. GOOD LUCK!

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Pink Blush Giveaway

pinkblush maternity - champagne & polka dots pinkblush maternity - champagne & polka dots pinkblush maternity - champagne & polka dots pinkblush maternity - champagne & polka dots pinkblush maternity - champagne & polka dots pinkblush maternity - champagne & polka dotspinkblush maternity - champagne & polka dots pinkblush maternity - champagne & polka dots pinkblush maternity - champagne & polka dots

DRESS: c/o Pink Blush, similar // NECKLACE: Kendra Scott // BRACELET: c/o Kendra Scott, similar // CLUTCH: Mar Y Sol, similar, similar

There comes a certain point during pregnancy when nothing starts to fit and you may or may not have a small breakdown. For me it was around week 28 of pregnancy and the frustration continued when I realized there is a very limited amount of retailers that offer maternity clothes in stores to try on. The only two I have really had any luck at have been Destination Maternity, which includes A Pea in the Pod, and then Target. Also, Old Navy’s carries maternity but only in select stores- so be sure to check ahead!

So with limited options to shop in stores, I dove head first into the internet. One of the best places I have found is PinkBlush Maternity. They have beautiful maternity dresses and tops for mommas to be and nursing mommas, as well as clothes and accessories- even if you’re not expecting! I partnered with them last spring (post here) before the belly and was impressed with their quality and selection. So when it came time to shop for maternity, I knew this was a great option for me- especially for those special occasions like baby showers! Which is exactly where I wore this beautiful floral wrap dress. It’s incredibly comfy and flattering, which is really the only two things you want when you’re pregnant.

I also have a couple of these fitted dresses in my closet, but be sure to size up if you want a bit more of a roomy fit rather than bodycon. I have the striped version too and it looks so cute paired with a denim jacket. 

As I shared on my Instagram, I am giving away a $75 gift card to Pink Blush to one of my readers! All you have to do is follow me and like the photo I posted on Instagram and you will be entered in. You can tag friends in the comments for up to five additional entries. The winner will be announced this Friday, 3/31/17. This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by Instagram. No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law. Best of Luck!

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25 Weeks Bumpdate

champagne and polkadots - 25 week bumpdate

(Shop this look early here)

Today marks week 25 and I am still loving being pregnant. After talking with many other women who have had babies or are pregnant now too, I realize how fortunate I am to not be vomiting all the time or have severe nausea. There are so many women who are sick throughout the entire pregnancy and I feel like I am going to jinx myself every time someone asks if I have been sick.


Honestly though, I have loved everything so far. At my first OB appointment, I found out that I have an anterior placenta and which is normal but just means I wasn’t able to feel the baby move as early other pregnant women. But around week 22, I finally felt our little man tumble and kick and I gotta say it was the best feeling in the world! Ever since I felt those “for sure” first kicks, I have felt him moving around non-stop. Paul has been able to feel him kick as well, which is so incredible to experience together.


Below is my second bumpdate and I realize the last time I did this I was at 4 months or 17 weeks to be exact (read here.) I cannot believe how many things have changed and progressed since then! I am now 6 months and have had some really funny and slightly embarrassing things happen since the last update. So here we go…


How Far Along? 25 weeks exactly

Size of Baby: A rutabaga (who actually knows how big a rutabaga is?) or around 13 inches and 1 1/2 lbs.

Gender: Boy! We decided on a name a while back and can’t wait to share!

Weight Gain: 16 pounds and right on target according to my OB. However, this is the worst part about about pregnancy. Even with working out, walking, and not even ice cream everyday, gaining weight is inevitable. I know its all part of the process and that its perfectly healthy but that doesn’t make stepping on the scale any easier. My mom keeps telling me I need to relax and I am taking the fun out of it. But all I see is my booty increasing in size, along with my chest and belly. ha!

Maternity Clothes: We had a girls trip to NYC when I was around 17 weeks and my mom and I did some maternity shopping at Seraphine and Rosie Pope. It was so much fun to shop at stores that aren’t available in St. Louis and I ended up getting some really cute maternity staples. I have no idea why I waited so long to buy maternity jeans? They are so comfy and I would recommend any pregnant woman to get a pair as soon as she can’t button her pants anymore.  I purchased another distressed pair I have been wearing on repeat, as well as a couple dresses and a pair of leggings.

Nursery: My beautiful dressing room/closet is completely gone and has been converted to the nursery! We have the room freshly painted and the glider, crib and dresser in and ready to go! I have on order some really cute decor items and a really cozy ottoman. We are going with a safari animal theme after I found these adorable sheets from pottery barn. The nursery is my favorite room in the house right now and I love spending my morning in the rocker with a hot lemon water (15 weeks till coffee!)

Movement: He is moving all the time! Which I love.

Symptoms: As wonderful as this pregnancy has been there is plenty of crazy things that have been happening that are completely out of the norm for me. Overall though everything I have been experiencing is considered normal pregnancy pains, like sciatica pain and cramps/soreness under my belly. The only really odd thing that has happened so far is that I started having colostrum earlier this week. Which every pregnant woman doesn’t necessary experience especially this early on! It went entirely through my bra and two shirts. So I took it as a free pass to go home early from work  because that type of leak just does not dry. Yippee for me.

Sleep: Starting to get uncomfortable and I am currently in the habit of waking up at 4 AM and not able to to fall asleep again till around 5 or 6. Just in time to get up for work.

Cravings: Still craving lots of fruit and I want donuts everyday right now. Specifically long johns with sprinkles.

Aversions: Chicken breast and the smell of hard boiled eggs.

Best Moment: Feeling the baby kick for the first time! It was so fun because I was laying in bed when it happened. I called Paul in and he was able to feel the baby kick as well. Pretty sure we both had obnoxious grins on our faces the rest of that week.

Looking Forward To: Getting the glucose test over with! This dang test has been in the back of my mind for a while. After having problems with my sugar levels a couple years back I have been curious to see how it would affect me during pregnancy. The test is at week 28, so stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you have any other questions or if there are any other momma’s to be out there!

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